27 10 / 2012

Swamp monster anyone?? Scare your friends today!

Swamp monster anyone?? Scare your friends today!

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27 10 / 2012

Become Lara Croft from the new game tomb raider!

Become Lara Croft from the new game tomb raider!

27 10 / 2012

Couple costumes for halloween this year!!

Couple costumes for halloween this year!!

27 10 / 2012

Wanna be as tough as Bane!

Wanna be as tough as Bane!

01 9 / 2012

30 8 / 2012

Hiking, Rock-Climbing, even Rollerblading..  Squeeze in those outdoor activities before the Summer ends

You’re going to be sweating, so make sure you re-hydrate your body with plenty of water.

Does it get any easier to carry water than actually having the hydration system in your backpack??

Check out some of the best ones that we recommend:

Rothco Black Backstrap Camel Pack Hydration System - 2830

FOX Outdoor Compact MOLLE Hydration Backpack - Olive Drab - 56-350

FOX Outdoor Compact M.O.L.L.E Hydration Backpack - ACU - 56-357

27 8 / 2012

If you own winter hiking boots, you probably don’t want to slip those on for a summer hike.

Those are meant to keep your feet warm and dry, so you don’t want to end up with sweaty feet during the tail end of summer.  (Could cause blisters and/or athletes foot)

Sandals are probably not the best idea (all the pebbles, sticks, slippery areas and even mosquitos/ticks)

Here’s what you need to look for in summer hiking boots:

  A boot that covers your ankle to avoid getting a sprain

  Slip resistant soles

  Lighter weight in the boots so they won’t put extra weight on your back

  Anti-wicking socks help with foot sweat

  Try to break the boots in before you wear them for an extended period of time or you’ll feel it in your calves (and possibly your back)

  Make sure you get the right size; it should feel snug – not tight.  If your heel is coming out of the boot, you’re going to get blisters and they’re most likely too big

  Your toes shouldn’t be hitting the front, that means they’re too tight

Some item(s) that we recommend are:

Rothco Brown Venturer Cold Weather Hiking Boots - 5059

Rothco USA Made Polypropylene Genuine GI Sock Liner Pair - 6144

26 8 / 2012

It’s true, there’s a tropical storm on it’s way (with the potential tornado)..  So we’re taking extra precautions over here and have put together a suggested tornado kit to have on hand:

Find a medium-sized container (preferably plastic to seal out moisture/bugs) that is able to hold a majority of the suggested items.  Bicycle helmets and sneakers are also not a bad idea to have on hand.

24 8 / 2012

Pay attention to the sky and the news – tornado watch = threat to be aware of

Underground or the lowest level of a building will be the safest location(s)

Stay away from windows and doors and crumbling debris

Interior bathrooms = better protection (they usually don’t have windows and are reinforced for plumbing)

Try to turn off utilities to minimize the potential for electrical, natural gas (or propane) fire

Do not stay in your car, vehicles get tossed around like toys.  If you’re already in your car, drive as fast as you can in the opposite direction of the storm

RV’s, bridges and tunnels tend to be magnets for tornados (try not to use them for shelter either)

If you are outdoors, look for a low spot to stay out of the path of flying debris (Ditches or in-ground structures to avoid flying debris)

After affects could include:

Residual effect of heavy rain, flash flooding and/or hail storms with ice chunks the size of baseballs (When that happens, abandon your post and find higher ground with shelter)

Be aware of where the tornado is moving, they can come in clusters

After it’s over, pay attention for items that can cause injury ie. broken glass, nails, other sharp objects, and downed power lines

24 8 / 2012

It’s expected to hit land on Sunday or early Monday - how are you prepping??